It was almost 4 years ago that I first created this blog. I knew in my gut that God wanted me to create it so I listened and created the Blog and even bought the rights to the website name. For 4 years, I’ve mulled over ideas and themes and who I wanted my target audience to be. 4 long years. I turned 40 last spring and starting about 6 months prior to my birthday, I was really, really dreading my birthday for the 1st time in my life. My husband is over a decade older than me so he would tell me at certain ages that “such and such” would happen {“you just wait”, he’d say smiling}. I don’t know what it was about 40 but I was not looking forward to it. Maybe I thought that meant you were an official adult? Maybe it was because my doctor said that “middle age women commonly face what I was going through”. Wait. Excuse me, doc? What does my issue have to do with middle aged women? I left his office just bewildered at this comment. After getting home and telling my husband the weird comment, he looked me in the eye and said “Babe, he said that because you are a middle aged woman.” What? TF you say! Whatever! What does he know? He’s such a guy! Only to slowly “become awake” to the fact that oh my gosh, “I WAS A MIDDLE-EFFIN-AGED WOMAN”. So I’ve been on a long, twisted, up and down journey to become an official “mature” middle-aged effin woman. This blog will be about a lot of shit but I know for sure that it is something God wants me to do. I love to write and I’ve been told I’m decent at it so if you like reading everything from goofy, sarcastic, deep-thinking, thought-provoking to me asking you questions, follow me. This is completely new for me. I may fail but I’m going out on a limb and saying Fuck You FEAR! It’s time to use my gift. I hope to see you next time.

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