It was almost 4 years ago that I first created this blog. I knew in my gut that God wanted me to create it so I listened and created the Blog and even bought the rights to the website name. For 4 years, I’ve mulled over ideas and themes and who I wanted my target audience to be. 4 long years. I turned 40 last spring and starting about 6 months prior to my birthday, I was really, really dreading my birthday for the 1st time in my life. My husband is over a decade older than me so he would tell me at certain ages that “such and such” would happen {“you just wait”, he’d say smiling}. I don’t know what it was about 40 but I was not looking forward to it. Maybe I thought that meant you were an official adult? Maybe it was because my doctor said that “middle age women commonly face what I was going through”. Wait. Excuse me, doc? What does my issue have to do with middle aged women? I left his office just bewildered at this comment. After getting home and telling my husband the weird comment, he looked me in the eye and said “Babe, he said that because you are a middle aged woman.” What? TF you say! Whatever! What does he know? He’s such a guy! Only to slowly “become awake” to the fact that oh my gosh, “I WAS A MIDDLE-EFFIN-AGED WOMAN”. So I’ve been on a long, twisted, up and down journey to become an official “mature” middle-aged effin woman. This blog will be about a lot of shit but I know for sure that it is something God wants me to do. I love to write and I’ve been told I’m decent at it so if you like reading everything from goofy, sarcastic, deep-thinking, thought-provoking to me asking you questions, follow me. This is completely new for me. I may fail but I’m going out on a limb and saying Fuck You FEAR! It’s time to use my gift. I hope to see you next time.

Published by Jen

Hi Friend! I am a 40ish woman/girl who is not the typical person that is stigmatized in the media who lives in the Bible Belt. I don’t go to church, I am a democrat; more of a Libertarian. I think more people need to lean in instead trying to be polar opposite of their enemy “across the aisle” I love black people and grew up with parents who bought us black barbies and black baby dolls and made it VERY clear that ALL people were equal. I believe in women’s rights but I also believe that I should be able to go and but any type of gun you I want to. Not a militia type gun because I still can’t be convinced of why the hell anyone needs one of those....but a reasonable gun to keep beside my bed to not use when someone breaks in my house and I’m too scared to use it - that’s me; and yes, I hear from the liberals that the chances are you usually that you get killed by your own gun but I don’t tell you where to go to Sunday School or where to eat after church so you need to just to, well back off. Please and thank you. Now I feel better. Don’t you? I grew up with an over the top sarcastic father so I am fluent in sarcasm. I love Hot Yoga and meditation. I am a dog person. He was also a narcissist who cared and still does, only care about 3 things: 1) Himself, including his looks, 2) golf, and 3) Jesus Christ and The Bible. And if it’s not one of those things, then he’ll just do it and just ask for forgiveness, because, you know, that exactly what Jesus preached, right? Can I get an AMEN!! Is it obvious that I’m not a fan? My husband is the coolest guy I’ve ever met. You’d love him too! I don’t drink alcohol at all because I think I’m allergic because when I’ve tried to, I immediately barf my guts up until the next afternoon. Plus, it tastes disgusting. I have severe anxiety and sometimes depression. I have insane OCD and the worst is ADHD. I love to learn new things about big topics. I’m a child of the 80’s and 90’s. I’m a white girl who loves gangsta rap [grew up with Tupac and Biggie - RIP]. I am passionate about music. I love all kinds - except country. I’ll actually have a blog post later about why people do certain things and that will be one of the questions I just want to know. I’m open minded and loving and care deeply about people and things. Hopefully that gave you a good start to getting to know me!

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