It’s Time

In October of 2014 I lost my 14 year dog that had been given to me by my boyfriend from college, when I was 20 years old. I had never lost something or someone whom I loved so very deeply. It was the first kind of true, authentic love I had ever known. And I am absolutely sure I knew he loved me unconditionally in his God-given spirit. That was over 5 years ago and I have 2 new fur-babies now that I can’t fathom the depths of my soul.

My grandad had a poodle he adored while I was growing up. He loved her so very much that even when she was stricken with cancer, he took her to one of the state’s top notch medical school’s veterinary’s clinics in the state spending God-knows how much to try to keep her alive. Long story short, she did die and he was so hurt by it, that he never got another dog again. He never knew what he missed out on by getting another dog.

It was in October of 2015, a year after my first pup passed away, that I was finally able to let his ashes go. I let him go slowly into the ocean as I wiped away tears of sadness and regret away. It was that week 4 years ago that I decided to write a blog. I have always loved to write but I just haven’t had the courage to step forward and actually do it – hence the 4 years lag time after purchasing my blog of actually putting the words together for my first blog post.

So here goes. I am in a weird place in my life right now and I have said “Yes” to Fear many, many times in the last several years so I think it’s time to say “Eff off” to Fear and take a hold of my life instead of letting it take a hold of me. So I would like to invite you along with me on this new journey. You might even have a few laughs along the way.

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